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We Have Openings!!!!!

We would like the opportunity to help you out, we know how hard it is to find affordable childcare now a days so we have decided to stay at home with our kids and offer VERY affordable childcare for you. 

Chantal has a wonderful little boy named Rainnan he is 2, Shawna has 3 wonderful little ones Annabelle 5 1/2, Nathan 2 and lil Sydney he is 6 months. We have First Aid and CPR level 1.  What better way to see our kids  grow, and succeed in life, than to stay at home with them and not miss a thing! If you would like to contact us you can do so through email or by phone, we will be also advertising at the IGA and Extra Foods, Curves, and various other places. Here's our email we look forward to hearing from you and thank-you.


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